Multi Drywall & Partition LLC



Sampling of Photos of Our 
2015 Drywall Projects

Drywall Products

We only utilize name brand USG, CertainTeed, LaFarge, and National Gypsum drywall made in North America and usually just a short drive away.






Similar to No Koat, we utilize this product on the off angles (i.e. 120 angles, not regular 90 angles) where walls meet ceilings and it serves similar purpose to No Koat.

Bull Nose Bead

This bead provides a little curve on all corners.  For a normal home, we recommend 3/4".  If the home area being drywalled is smaller, you might want to consider "baby bull nose" which is 1/2" and will often better match the proportions of smaller rooms.  There is also a "super bull nose" but we don't typically see this installed.

Glue Products

When working in a home that is lived in, we take care to use low VOC glue to minimize the smells you might experience from regular glue.





Trim Tex Arch Bead

When you have an arch, we use a Trim Tex plastic bead to ensure straight lines and a nice finish.


All drywall is screwed with Hilti or equal screws.  In addition to screwing the drywall, we also glue all drywall being attached to wood framing.  Generally, we do not glue drywall attaching to metal studs. 










No Koat Ultraflex

While it costs a little more, on any angled peak in your ceiling, we find that this product does the best job of keeping straight lines.  It also has a little flex in it should your lumber move a little (movement in lumber causes drywall cracking so this helps, but doesn't eliminate cracking)

Corner Bead

Standard corner bead is metal 90 degree corner bead to match the walls. 


We utilize USG Plus 3, ProForm Lite, All Purpose, and USG Sheetrook Easy Sand as our standard supplies for taping and mudding.  We also will use durabond upon request.