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Why are there scratches and imperfections in the drywall?  The painters are coming and I need it fixed!

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Can you recommend any drywall products that are good for sound mitigation?  Ones that are better sound barriers than others?  

What is Aqua Tough?

Why use Green Board at all then?

Do you use all US made products? 

​             Nearly all of the products that we utilize are made in the United States.  In fact, nearly all of the drywall we use comes from either Michigan or within a 500 mile radius of our location (no, we do not, and have never used drywall from China!).

How long will the job take?

              The length of the job will depend upon the type of job and size of the job.  Each job has different qualities.  A kitchen or bath can be done in 2 to 4 days.  A large house or commercial project will take longer.  Please consult with our manager on your particular project for timing and schedule expectations.

​What is drywall grid?

Does it matter if my drywall is delivered while it is raining?
            Drywall board is designed to control water absorption.  The drywall mud that is used for drywall seams consists of water plus paint is another liquid applied to drywall. Together the paper on the face of the drywall board and the drywall board core are designed to deter water damage.
            You should be comfortable in the knowledge that drywall boards would be discarded if the structural integrity of the material is compromised by moisture since it would withstand correct finishing.
            In addition, there should be no concern about mold from this exposure to moisture since mold actually occurs with regular flow of water, not a one-time occurrence.

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